Memories of the midnight sun

Memories of the Midnight Sun

April 3rd, 2020 / by Dr. Elvie Victonette B. Razon-Gonzalez

It was in June in the land of the fjords
Where I discovered a world of forgotten words
Neither day nor night, a summer song
In the midnight sun of a gnome.

Along empty streets with unfamiliar trees
I found unfiltered sighs, silent reveries.
I let my thoughts roam on cobblestones
Slid through hidden cracks into the shadows.

Memories of the midnight sun 2

I would have made something out of the light.
I should have drawn a portrait of lines,
Creases, furrows, pulls and heaves —
To illuminate the beauty of fallen leaves.

I should have made something,
But out of nothing comes nothing
Until the words of this poem,
Until light takes its form.